Sitges 2014: how we met Joe Dante

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After 10 days in front of the sea at Sitges beach, we can now say we have survived to our 3rd participation in Sitges International Film Festival! MANY THANKS to the more than thousand fans who pass by our stand and took one of our t-shirts, mobile chargers, bags, badges or hugs from Suxinsu guys. And also MANY THANKS to all the team of collaborators who made posible that this year we close the Festival with a big smile! Judith, Eva, Guillem, Ari, Jofre, Silvia, Jordi, Uri, Marc, Marta, familia Suxinsu, this goes for you!  Here a summary of the best moments...

The first day, everything ready, sea breeze included!

Suxinsu team is prepared for the first intense weekend!

Ari Ann Wire launching her first new album Lady Lee at Suxinsu store!

Introducing our new Suxinsu CineAsia collection dedicated to the korean cinema with Snowpiercer the Vengeance trilogy, at the FNAC stand close to Melià Sitges Auditorium, and celebrating with CineAsia and asian cinema fans its X Anniversary!


Meeting Nicolás López, Chilean director of Santos movie, scriptwriter of Green Inferno, who takes the full Suxinsu Sitges 2014 collection for his wardrobe ;)

Nicolas Lopez y Suxinsu en el Festival de Sitges

Stellar moment when Joe Dante meets Suxinsu: he passes by our stand, takes our Gremlins t-shirt and leaves us with an unforgettabe memory: a signature in our Gizmo's ear! It's already in our VIP cabinet glass.

Joe Dante meeting Suxinsu Gremlins in Sitges

Joe Dante meeting Suxinsu Gremlins in Sitges Festival

VIP Suxinsu meeting in the Sitges 2014 Gala :)

Joe Dante and Nicolas Lopez wearing Suxinsu

And what a better way to close the Festival than Nicolás López recieving one of the Sitges Festival prizes wearing Suxinsu Kill Bill!!!

Nicolas Lopez wearing Suxinsu Kill Bill



And here Sitges 2014 ends. After 2 months of hard work designing the new Suxinsu Sitges 2014 collection, and 10 days fully dedicated to enjoy working in the Festival, we can say it was worthy. We leave with one promise: next year we'll be back!!!

Sitges 2014, we're already missing you :(

Sitges 2015, there's less and less time left :)


Suxinsu. Fans of Sitges.

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