We are all Tyrion

Publicado el 21 de mayo de 2014


A tribute to Tyrion Lannister and Game of Thrones!

We present our third collaboration with Toni de la Torre with the protest t-shirt: "We are all Tyrion"

Find here a new limited edition specially created for all fans of Tyrion. From now onwards, until June 11th, you can get your exclusive Game of Thrones t-shirt, and choose the color and type you like: Man in Red color, Man in Grey color, Woman in Red color y Woman in Grey color.

Sales are open only until June 11th. After that date it will not be on sale anymore unless you all request for a second edition. Shipments will start on June 16th to all worldwide fans of Tyrion who bought this protest t-shirt, coming with a little gift, this "I demand a trial by combat" badge ;) Find here our international shipping rates!

Suxinsu. We are all Tyrion!!!



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