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Publicado el 08 de abril de 2014


Suxinsu presents the second collaboration with Toni de la Torre: a tribute to Sherlock

After the introduction of the TV series t-shirt collection by Suxinsu with Toni de la Torre dedicated to True Detective, we couldn't let Sherlock without his t-shirt. We knew that Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson set the bar high, but Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman inspired us to create a new design which we expect will meet expectations. Let us present the Sherlock t-shirt by Suxinsu with Toni de la Torre

The design: Sherlock in the clouds, Watson in the Earth

With the permission of Rustin Cohle and Martin Hart, we can say Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are the perfect detective couple. We will not enter in details about how far their couple relationship goes. He have represented the perfect couple set in a London discovered one layer afther the other, with Sherlock staying in the hights inmersed into his imagination, Watson in the street facing reality, and a Tube reminding us who are we missing.

Sherlock is a legend, and Toni de la Torre wanted to tribute him in a very special way, gathering al the actors who played Sherlock throughout history, the literary references of the serie as part of his mithology, the locations of the TV series and other references surely familiar to all Sherlock BBC followers. So we have created the Sherlock Map, inspired by 1933 Harry Beck's London Tube map, a perfect B-side for our t-shirt.

The t-shirt: special sales are open!

We are launching a limited edition of the t-shirt. If you are a Sherlock fan and you want to support the second Suxinsu collaboration with Toni de la Torre to help us create a great collection of TV series t-shirt, we ask you to book now your Sherlock t-shirt shopping online in our store

The booking period will be open until April 23rd 2014, and shipping will start 1st of May. We ship from Spain to all the world. If you are one of our first supporters to help us to make this launching happen, you will get a very special gift in appreciation, this exclusive Sherlock bag and if you're living in Spain, also TV series book written by Toni de la Torre.

During the booking period, you decide where you want the design!

If you buy your t-shirt before April 23rd you can choose whether you want the 2 designs on the front and the back, or if you prefer the Sherlock Map on the front. For men, Charcoal Grey 100% combed cotton t-shirt, and for women, the Bamboo t-shirt in Black. Hope you like it! 

Suxinsu. Toni de la Torre. Fans de Sherlock.

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